Vocation Offices
Scalabrini Vocation Office
Fr. Leandro Fossá, c.s.
10651 Vinedale Street
Sun Valley, CA 91352
Phone: 323-216-6278
Fax: 818-504-9562
Seminario San Carlos
P. Ernesto Esqueda, c.s.
Apdo. 31-98
45050 Guadalajara, Jalisco
Tel. (01-33)3684-0291
Cel. 331417-2452
Web: www.jsf.com.mx
Oficina Vocacional
P. Romano Cerantola, c.s.
15 Avenida 1-94 Zona 1
Ciudad de Guatemala
Tel. (00·502) 2253·9419
Cel. 4690·9464
facebook: cerantola romano

Missionaries for Migrants

The Congregation of the Missionaries of St. Charles – Scalabrinians – is an international community of religious serving migrants and refugees of different cultures, religions and ethnicities in 32 countries and on five continents. The Congregation was founded on November 28, 1887, by Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini (1839-1905), bishop of Piacenza (Italy). It was the period of massive emigration from Italy and Europe toward the Americas. It was a far-reaching phenomenon whose importance Bishop Scalabrini was able to grasp in both its social and religious dimensions.

Our missionary focus has always been to be migrants with the migrants, to be in mission with people on the move, to serve the migrants who are more acutely living the drama of migration. What has become very obvious is that, as we have taken more missionary risks and made an effort to clarify our charism, we have been blessed with more and more vocations. The blessing is doubled by the fact that we are currently receiving the vocations that match our present need.

Migrants with the Migrants

  • The Missionaries of St. Charles - Scalabrinians are present in 32 countries throughout the 5 continents.
  • We provide shelters along the borders between countries.
  • We shepherd migrants in our multiethnic parishes.
  • We welcome refugees and defend their rights.
  • We collaborate with Episcopal Conferences on migration issues.
  • We show solidarity with the displaced through missionary activities.
  • We provide services and shelters to the seamen.
  • We create and promote migration awareness through the mass media.
  • We advocate and network for a humane and just Migration Reform and Dream Act.

We offer you the opportunity of one year of vocation discernment in our seminary program in Los Angeles.